Multi-Casualty Incident (MCI) Management and Triage Training

Mass Casualty Incident training

Most first aid programs discuss the concept of triage management; however, they generally focus on the context of a two or three patient incident at a very theoretical level. The MCI Program offered by PEAK is a high-level one-day course where participants are expected to take a global perspective of much larger accident scenes.

The program reviews the standard Incident Command Organizational structure that is used during large-scale incidents. This review explains each Responders' duties, how to manage available resources (people, equipment and agencies), and of course, how to classify individual patients for treatment priority (triage). After the review, a mock disaster exercise provides the student with a hands-on opportunity to actively implement the theory. All the skills gained from this exercise are equally applicable to smaller scale scenarios as well. Much of the course content is integrated directly to the corporation's emergency plan and teaches the practical, effective implementation of this plan.