The Annual Skills Update (ASU) training program offers Non-Urban Emergency Care - Advanced (NUEC-A) Providers the opportunity to update, renew, and demonstrate competency in required NUEC-A skills, knowledge, procedures and protocols. It also offers Providers the chance to improve their clinical skills and ensure that their knowledge and skills are kept current.

The ASU training program is divided into 3 distinct Cycles ('A' - 'C') with a Review & Evaluation interspersed every 3 years. Essentially the ASU training program is designed to review the entire course curriculum over a 3-year period. Specifically Cycles 'A' through 'C' covers one-third of the original NUEC-A course curricula.

Specifically, the ASU system of certification maintenance is intended to:

  1. Ensure that a Provider's knowledge is current and well-honed.
  2. Provide a method for verifying a Provider's competency in NUEC-A knowledge, skills, procedures and protocols.
  3. Shorten the length of time required for re-certification which significantly reduces training and labour costs.
  4. Act as pre-season first aid training; a Mountain Resort Industry best practice. Emergency response teams working in the Mountain Resort Industry generally conduct a minimum of 2-3 days of emergency medical training prior to the start of a new season. The ASU system of certification maintenance serves not only to maintain an individual Provider's first aid certification but also provides a framework for operators in the Mountain Resort Industry to adopt industry best practices and maintain high standards, an essential element of effective risk management.
 LENGTH 1 - Day 
 COST $140 (tax exempt)
 PRE-REQUISITES 1.  Minimum 80 hr. first aid certification recognized by PEAK
2.  Pre-read: 10 - 15 hours (student & ASU cycle dependent)
3.  Physically & mentally fit; self-declaration of fitness required


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