The NUEC-B (formerly NUEC 1) Training Program is a practical-based 2-day curriculum, designed for individuals who operate or recreate in isolated and/or remote locations (essentially day-trips) where accessing emergency medical and rescue services may be delayed. This course is ideal for forestry and like-industry related workers and recreationalists who operate or recreate generally doing day-trips often functioning alone or with limited emergency equipment. The curriculum is based on PEAK’s long-standing 'Non-Urban First Aid Training Program'.  Core topics include primary emphasis on recognition of life-limb threatening injuries, critical interventions and patient evacuation from the non-urban environment. A secondary emphasis is pre-trip planning, scene and incident management, critical decision-making and survival type skills and knowledge.

 LENGTH  1 - 2 Days (student & site-dependent)
 COST  1-Day $140 (tax exempt)
   2-Day $280 (tax exempt)
 PRE-REQUISITES  1.  Minimum 14 years of age
 2.  Speak & write English fluently
 3.  Pre-read: 6 - 8 hours
(student dependent)
 4.  Physically & mentally fit; self-declaration of fitness is required
 - CPR Level 'A'

Peak Emergency Training