COVID-19 SCREENING PROCESS (revised: 18/09/20)
  RSEQ (revised: 18/09/20)

The emergence of COVID-19 has prompted a need for institutions to create policies and procedures for safe operation during the pandemic.  Measures that serve to limit the spread of COVID-19 while maintaining business operations require a shift in normal operations with the goal of maintaining physical distancing and safe practices for infection prevention and control.

In the British Columbian context, as industry and economic activity in the province starts to emerge from a state of shutdown, an imperative exists to develop policies and procedures for limiting the spread of the virus while resuming economic activity. Policies and procedures should be developed with the primary goal of limiting the spread of the virus, while also mitigating risk for the emergence of subsequent waves of the pandemic.  While many epidemiological models show room to expand operations, the province of BC has stated enhanced surveillance of activities will continue while cautiously lifting restrictions on travel (i.e. presently within Canada for now and internationally in the future) and economic activity.

PEAK is focused on developing policies and procedures consistent with WorkSafe BC, the BC Centre for Disease Control and regional health authority’s direction on reopening and operating businesses.  As such, the purpose of this ‘COVID-19 Prevention & Management Program’ for PEAK is to fulfill the requirements from WorkSafe BC and the Provincial Health Officer regarding written plans for safe operation.  There is an expectation that instructional staff, clients and students of PEAK will adhere to the policies and procedures outlined in the following documents to reduce the risk of spreading infectious disease in the classroom.