Prior Learning Assessment & Recognition (PLAR) is a process that identifies, verifies and recognizes one’s learning (knowledge and skills) in relation to specific criteria. PLAR is criterion-referenced and as such a candidate’s knowledge and skills must be identified and measured against an established pre-set standard. PEAK’s PLAR is based on a belief/value system that supports opportunities for individuals to have all relevant learning recognized and counted towards a specific qualification, in this case NUEC 1 to 3 and NUOFA 1 & 3.  Learning and experience are not the same. Experience is a way of learning and people learn through experience. It is possible to have ten years of work experience but not have the equivalent amount of learning.

If you are interested in making application to obtain NUEC (levels 1 to 3) &/or NUOFA (levels 1 and 3) certification please complete this application fully and accurately.  Please note that due to administrative constraints incomplete or illegible applications will not be processed. 

Applicant`s Personal Data

Previous Qualifications

Paramedic Training
Non-Urban Occupational First Aid
Non-Urban Emergency Care
Emergency Medical Responder
Outdoor Emergency Care
Occupational First Aid
Advanced Wilderness First Aid
Canadian Ski Patrol First Aid
First Responder
Automated External Defibrillation

Current Employment Information